Mission Statement

Horizon Globex’s mission is deliver optimized smartphone technology to all of the world’s citizens irrespective of their location or financial status.

For Our Environment:

While recognizing the game-changing nature the blockchain will bring to us all, using renewable energy, we will continue in our quest to offset our carbon footprint when consuming the earth’s resources to power our blockchain innovations.

For Our Shareholders:

Our track-record for delivering commercial smartphone innovations to the worlds telecommunications operators places us in a unique position allowing us to leverage our channel and put our smartphone R&D experience to profitably work on the blockchain.

For The Blockchain:

We provide families all over the world with optimized Ethereum smart contracts for their banking needs, irrespective of whether they are banked or unbanked.

For Our Miners:

Our mining software generates Ether by using our optimized GPU pool-mining application paired with our smartphone app.  The app allows miners to generate cryptocurrency for their blockchain mining efforts.

For Our Employees:

We offer our employees an exciting and rewarding opportunity to work at an innovative company that is constantly working to invent and deploy smartphone technology for unserved families all over the world.