Horizon Globex is Ahead of the Tech Game

By Sandra Quinn When this writer first heard she was about to see ‘the rig’ in the Horizon Globex offices in the University of Limerick, she imagined a picture of something like an oil rig. She had images in her head of something big, awkward, impressive and imposing. She was not expecting what she saw […]

Program at Your Peril

How to get Yourself Hacked on the Ethereum Network By Dr. Andrew Le Gear We recently set up a transaction node connected to the Rinkeby Ethereum test network, for our server processes to execute smart contract transactions.  Our morbid curiosity had gotten the better of us as we wondered what level of hacking existed against […]

Computer Says No

By Sandra Quinn ‘Computer Says No!’ – this is a common phrase bandied about in the modern world when people of any age from all walks of life, encounters a problem with their PC, laptop, tablet, mobile phone or smart device. Not many people will be able to or even inclined to recall where the […]

New Year – New Tech Toys

By Sandra Quinn Now that the Christmas period is over and we are all back to work and the normal routines have resumed, people are finally (well this writer is anyway) getting time to play around with all of the tech toys they got under the tree or in their stockings (and before you think […]

Tech and ‘Me Time’

By Sandra Quinn Just before December 25, our Christmas-themed blog post looked at the idea of bringing technology into the festive dynamic in a way that would add to family life, instead of taking away from it and this week, we will build on that by looking at how technology can make ‘me time’ more […]

Can technology improve Christmas?

By Sandra Quinn ‘Put away your phone’ – ‘Do you ever get off that thing?’ ‘I am sick at looking at screens’ ‘ You are all zombies with your smart phones, tablets and gaming devices’ ‘Do people even talk to each other face-to-face anymore?’ – these are just some of the phrases that might be […]

Too Much Gas – Why Ethereum will Never be the Solution for Many wonderful uses of Smart Contracts

By Dr. Andrew Le Gear tl;dr Executing a contract storing just 1kB in a string will cost you about $14 dollars.  Ouch! [20th December 2017]   Beyond the vanilla uses of blockchain, as an immutable public ledger of financial transactions, other quite interesting and very useful applications have been proposed.  Take these two examples: Records […]

Globex Call – A Lifeline to Home in a Time of Crisis

By Sandra Quinn Calling home is something we often take for granted, but recently while on honeymoon in Thailand, this writer truly appreciated the importance of a reliable and affordable telecommunications service. I have arthritis and it is known to get worse with severe changes in air pressure, so I had packed a small emergency […]

Bring tech into your Christmas List

By Sandra Quinn It is that time of year – children are writing and rewriting their Santa lists and the adults are starting to think about what nifty gifts they would like to find nestled under the tree on December 25. Buying for someone who is into their gadgets can be tricky if it is […]

Does Technology Help or Hinder Learning?

By Sandra Quinn Twenty years ago, using the internet to research educational projects for school or university was just coming to the fore and it was something people were slowly but surely adjusting to – now you have educational institutions using interactive whiteboards, online sharing forums for assignment submissions, dedicated email servers for each institution […]