The True Cost of a Free App

By Sandra Quinn There is no such thing as a free lunch – this is something we all know, yet when it comes to free apps, we put our blind faith in the integrity of the word free and take it all at face value. We click ‘I Agree’ on Terms and Conditions without so […]

An Introduction to Building a Mining Rig

By Ashish Rajendra Kumar Sai Over the next few weeks, we will post a series of instruction guides to help new users to build a mining rig. Before we dive into the specifics of how to build a mining rig, we thought we would give a run down of some of the terms you will be seeing.  Miner […]

Futuristic Homes from Movies are the Smart Homes of Today

By Sandra Quinn Over the years, Hollywood and the movie industry have brought us what seem like fantastical and futuristic movies, but if you look back, many of the things, which once seemed bizarre and unusual are now commonplace and everyday. In 1990, ‘Total Recall’ brought us into an onscreen world of driverless cars. Well […]

Can Anyone be Too Young for Technology?

By Sandra Quinn Should technology come with an age limit? As technology becomes more prominent in our daily lives, this is a question many of us are bound to consider. In this blog, we have previously discussed how important it is to get older people online ( and how technology can be used as a […]

Look Me in the Eye – The Rise of Facial Recognition

By Sandra Quinn Over the past week, the rise of facial recognition and how it’s being used has been dominating headlines with members of the public uncomfortable with the idea that software that they could be unaware of is being used to identify them. In America, Orlando Police are piloting facial recognition software from Amazon […]

What Can I Say? How to Respond to Online Reviews

By Sandra Quinn You have no doubt come across a news story about a scathing review and some business owner’s or manager’s ‘brutal’ or witty response and perhaps wondered what the correct way to deal with online reviews really is. Not many people will bother with the effort of filling in a physical comment card […]

Are You Ready for GDPR Changes?

By Sandra Quinn Over the past few weeks, your inbox has probably been inundated with emails about the new GDPR changes and how various companies will be adapting the way they do things in order to comply. “Our Terms and Conditions have changed”, “We have updated our privacy settings”, – these and other similar statements […]

Globex Call Connecting Through the Generations

By Sandra Quinn Join me for a few moments – we are going to go on a journey. Sixty years ago, you had your first child and you imagined a future filled with children and grandchildren, but never imagined that a great grandchild would arrive in your lifetime. As each little bundle of joy arrived, […]

Are Your Work Conversations Secure?

By Sandra Quinn In the past year, 56% of Irish businesses have banned the use of social media in the workplace. Research commissioned by Ricoh Ireland found that Facebook was banned in 47% of work environments, Twitter was not permitted in 36%, Instagram and Snapchat in 33% and WhatsApp in 30%. One argument for this […]

An ‘Appy’ Way to Stay Mindful

By Sandra Quinn Just for a moment, imagine your smart phone without any apps. Bleak isn’t it? Without apps, your smart phone is suddenly not all that smart, and sometimes we don’t realise just how useful and life-enhancing these apps can be. According to figures from Statista, 197 billion apps were downloaded in 2017 and […]