How the Blockchain is Protecting Your Data Through Cybersecurity

By Sandra Quinn One of the main words bandied about when it comes to the innovation that is the blockchain, is ‘security’. Even the smallest bit of research into the vast world which the blockchain encompasses, will tell you that the blockchain is a ledger of truth – an open and distributed ledger, recording transactions, […]

Using the Blockchain to Level the Playing Field

By Sandra Quinn Since the blockchain started making its way into everyday conversation with tech innovators and R&D departments, people have been brainstorming about ways to bring the technology into the daily lives of ordinary people. Horizon Globex have achieved that objective with their blockchain-powered telecommunications app Talketh. Have you ever thought about how difficult […]

Without Technology, Where Would Medicine Be?

By Sandra Quinn Harking back to the origins of medicine, things were very primitive, basic and simple with the use of herbs and natural remedies and nothing was kept track of. If you compare this now to a modern hospital filled with machines, high tech equipment and all of the sensitive patient information being held […]

European Conference Paper Looks at Using Blockchain to Authenticate Text-to-Speech Conversations

By Sandra Quinn At this year’s European Conference on Information Systems in Portsmouth in the UK, Horizon Globex contributed to the Blockchain Workshop with three papers. We have previously written about the first and second papers we presented, but if you missed them, you can catch up here for the first paper and here to read the […]

Blockchain in the Real World

By Sandra Quinn For the past two years, the blockchain has come into its own and has been taking over the world of technology, while its uses in the real world have been filtering into the news. For many people, the blockchain is still somewhat of an abstract concept, but with companies like Horizon Globex […]

Horizon Globex Part of Blockchain Workshop in European Conference

By Sandra Quinn The European Conference on Information Systems recently took place in Portsmouth in the UK and Horizon Globex presented three papers during the Blockchain Workshops. Details on the first of the papers can be read here in one of our previous Wednesday tech blogs. The second one, written by Farshad Ghassemi Toosi, Jim Buckley, Ashish […]

The World’s First Blockchain Phone is On Its Way

By Sandra Quinn The world’s first blockchain phone has been unveiled and it will cost you the princely sum of close to $1,000. Developed by Sirin Labs in Israel and called the Finney phone in honour of bitcoin pioneer Hal Finney, the idea behind the phone is to make cryptocurrency available to all at an […]

Horizon Globex Contributes to European Conference with Blockchain Paper

By Sandra Quinn At the recent 2018 European Conference on Information Systems in Portsmouth in the UK, Horizon Globex had three papers published as part of the Blockchain Horizons workshop. Written by Ashish Rajendra Sai, Jim Buckley and Andrew Le Gear, the first contribution was “Optimal block time for proof of work blockchains”. This paper […]

Too Hot for Tech

By Sandra Quinn As the summer truly takes hold, temperatures are soaring, summer is really starting to sizzle and the urge to work outside is stronger than ever. However, unless working outside entails bringing a paper and pen, perhaps it’s not the best idea for your personal devices. In theory, grabbing a blanket, a pitcher […]

What is a Mining Pool?

By Ashish Rajendra Kumar Sai The difficulty of mining has risen drastically over the last few years making it hard for individual miners with a few GPU’s to mine a block. The average difficulty of mining, as of July 3, 2018, stands at 3455.91 TH (Source – consequently rendering the possibility of gaining mining […]