Keeping Business Communications In-House

By Sandra Quinn Offices are now mobile in almost every sense of the word with most employers and employees sharing the same work and personal mobile number, having access to their emails while ‘off the clock’ and arranging meetings out of hours for the following week. While this means that your employees are more than […]

I Just Called to Say…

By Sandra Quinn Since the first telephone was first created in 1876, phone calls have become part and parcel of everyday life and despite advancements with image and video technology, they are here to stay. Thinking back to when the telephone first came about, it was in the houses of only the most wealthy, but […]

What Will 5G Mean for You?

By Sandra Quinn The newest wave of connectivity is on its way, as 5G is set to be available worldwide by the year 2020, with news this week announced by Telia that they are to start real world case uses of the 5G network in Europe as part of a project with Ericsson and Intel. […]

When Words Are Not Enough

By Sandra Quinn Thinking back to a time when people used to communicate mostly by letters, it is hard to imagine that you could fast forward many decades and the pen and paper would be ditched in favour of emoji’s on a mobile device, but that is the way of modern communication. The art of […]

Staying Connected

By Sandra Quinn Ping, Ping, Ping – this is the soundtrack to most people’s days, as alerts come into their smart phones for messages, voicemails, missed phone calls, emails, app notifications and battery alerts. As the smartphone plays more of a prominent role in things like the office, keeping up to date with industry and […]