Dora the Blockchain Explorer – Now You Can Query Any Transaction on the Blockchain

By Dr. Andrew Le Gear Ladies and Gentlemen – introducing “Dora the Blockchain Explorer.” This new blockchain innovation from Horizon Globex allows you to query any transaction from the Ethereum blockchain by constructing a URL in this format and you have a response within seconds.[Block]&hash=[Transaction] For example, take a look at this to see […]

Cracking the Code to a Career in IT

By Sandra Quinn “I want to be a firefighter,” “I want to be a doctor,” “I want to be a magician,” – when you ask a young child what they want to be when they grow up, these are some of the common answers, but now more than ever we are starting to hear things […]

Human-Centred Design in the Development of Blockchain Innovations

By Severin Kranz and translated into English by Sandra Quinn Original article published on Medium on October 8, 2018 read the full article in German here. Brian Collins, CEO and Founder of Horizon Globex presented his business at the second blockchain pitch-in Liechtenstein, speaking abotu the development of blockchain applications. The presentation is an example […]

Talketh is Revolutionising Payment Solutions for Millions

By Sandra Quinn A new blockchain innovation, Talketh, could be revolutionising access to blockchain technology, making it accessible to the masses and breaking down the traditional barriers to the innovative technology.  Developed by Horizon Globex who have operations in Ireland, the UK and Zug, Switzerland, Talketh was developed in Switzerland, in the global hub of […]

Why Twitter are Using Blockchain to Eradicate Scams?

By Sandra Quinn On March 21, twelve years ago, Twitter first entered the realm of social media, revolutionising the way people communicated with each other, and achieving this with a mere 140 characters per post. Did you know that approximately 500 million tweets are sent out into the abyss every 24 hours? Another random, yet […]

See the Blockchain as an Opportunity, Not a Threat

By Sandra Quinn Like anything new, when the blockchain first came to the fore of the technology world, it was treated with almost equal measures of excitement and trepidation. What if this changes the world? How do we control it? If the blockchain is the source of trust, who is in charge? What if it […]

A Year of Blogging with Horizon Globex

By Sandra Quinn This time last year, on September 15, 2017, we here at Horizon Globex were busy little bees analysing the reaction, reach and readership for our brand new shiny blog section over on our website In the past year, we have published one new blog every Sunday (keep an eye on our […]

Can the Blockchain Bring Honesty to Political Elections?

By Sandra Quinn Over the years, there have been a number of controversial elections hitting the headlines, whether because of rigging accusations or other shady dealings. Some of the most notorious in living memory include this year’s Hong Kong by-election where some candidates were disqualified because of their public stance on the issue of Hong […]

World Suicide Prevention Day – Reaching Out to Those in Need

By Sandra Quinn Today (September 10) marks World Suicide Prevention Day and there is a global movement, particularly online, towards raising awareness about suicide, self-harm and depression and providing information about the help that is available. In the time it would take you to read the last sentence just four times, one person somewhere in […]

Digital Innovations Make Back to School That Bit Easier

By Sandra Quinn This week, amidst tears, tantrums, panics to get out of the house in time and last minute trips to the shop to pick up stationary supplies, thousands of children got ready to go back to school. For as long as we can all remember, a first day at school or going back […]