A Year of Blogging with Horizon Globex

By Sandra Quinn This time last year, on September 15, 2017, we here at Horizon Globex were busy little bees analysing the reaction, reach and readership for our brand new shiny blog section over on our website In the past year, we have published one new blog every Sunday (keep an eye on our […]

Can the Blockchain Bring Honesty to Political Elections?

By Sandra Quinn Over the years, there have been a number of controversial elections hitting the headlines, whether because of rigging accusations or other shady dealings. Some of the most notorious in living memory include this year’s Hong Kong by-election where some candidates were disqualified because of their public stance on the issue of Hong […]

World Suicide Prevention Day – Reaching Out to Those in Need

By Sandra Quinn Today (September 10) marks World Suicide Prevention Day and there is a global movement, particularly online, towards raising awareness about suicide, self-harm and depression and providing information about the help that is available. In the time it would take you to read the last sentence just four times, one person somewhere in […]

Digital Innovations Make Back to School That Bit Easier

By Sandra Quinn This week, amidst tears, tantrums, panics to get out of the house in time and last minute trips to the shop to pick up stationary supplies, thousands of children got ready to go back to school. For as long as we can all remember, a first day at school or going back […]

A Cheap Web App With Azure

By Dr. Andrew Le Gear, September 3, 2018 We have several complex and robust web solutions deployed here at Horizon. We use Azure App Services and find it is very professional and truly is a wonderful solution for production products, but this doesn’t come cheap. It costs about £700 per annum for a service plan that […]

Technology Talks, But It Will Never Be Human

By Sandra Quinn Homes, offices and educational facilities are filled with voices, but sometimes not the human ones we expect – these voices are more than likely coming from the Google assistant on Android, Apple’s Alexa, Amazon’s Echo and other virtual technological assistants, but do we sometimes confuse these voices with human ones or give […]

Could Technology Hold the Key to a Dementia Cure?

By Sandra Quinn Will you do me a favour? Just a small one and I promise it won’t take up much of your time, but it will be worthwhile. Put down whatever you are doing, settle into a comfortable seat and just immerse yourself in this blog for the next four minutes. You have had […]

Can Computer Games Make You Smarter?

By Sandra Quinn “Get away from that computer screen, it will kill your brain cells,” “If you keep looking at that screen, you will get google-eyed or go blind,” “That game console will rot your brain,” – if you heard some of these phrases as you tried to get to the next level of your […]

How the Blockchain is Protecting Your Data Through Cybersecurity

By Sandra Quinn One of the main words bandied about when it comes to the innovation that is the blockchain, is ‘security’. Even the smallest bit of research into the vast world which the blockchain encompasses, will tell you that the blockchain is a ledger of truth – an open and distributed ledger, recording transactions, […]

Using the Blockchain to Level the Playing Field

By Sandra Quinn Since the blockchain started making its way into everyday conversation with tech innovators and R&D departments, people have been brainstorming about ways to bring the technology into the daily lives of ordinary people. Horizon Globex have achieved that objective with their blockchain-powered telecommunications app Talketh. Have you ever thought about how difficult […]